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  • Click workers to select them
    • Press the number 1 key to set an area for worker to patrol for trash
      • Click to set the patrol area
      • Press Esc to cancel
    • Press the number 2 key to set a dumpster to deliver trash to
      • Click on dumpster to set
      • Press Esc to cancel
    • Click off the worker or press Esc to deselect
  • WASD & Scroll wheel to move camera
  • Enjoy!


This game was intended to be a submission for the SeaJam game jam - a game jam to bring awareness to Mr. Beast & Mark Rober's initiative to remove 30,000,000 pounds of trash from the oceans by the end of the year. Didn't get this game to the point where I could consider this a finished game, but I still just wanted to post the project here for you to mess around with.

This game was built using Unity's DOTS and ECS - there are over 10,000 dynamic physics bodies of trash on the beach and 64 workers, that all runs smoothly at a high framerate.


TrashEmpire.zip 43 MB

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